Dev update #7 - She takes to the skies... kinda!

Dev update #7 - She takes to the skies... kinda!

What a crazy few weeks it's been. So many things going on and I couldn't be any more hyped up if I tried. So, grab yourself a beverage of choice & get comfortable - it's gonna be a long one.



Over the past few weeks, the true scale of our teams abilities have really come to light. We've been focusing on every single project at the same time and it's working surprisingly well. The idea is for every project to interact with each other... whilst remaining completely independent.

So, let me break that down for you:

Simstall - This is the umbrella, the "parent". It will be our distribution "network".

A380 - Self explanatory. This will be exclusively distributed via Simstall along with any updates/user based files (repaints/sounds etc) and whatever else we feel is necessary.

projectFLY - This is our/your community. It will integrate with Simstall, POSCON & The A380. The integration between projectFLY and the other projects will be huge. As time progresses, we're going to be showcasing different integrations - I hope you will appreciate the level of depth we've decided to go in to.


Over the past few weeks, we have been focusing on further improving the projectFLY Contracts System as well as working on some cool new features.

As ever, we are making steady progress with projectFLY, releasing new features and bug fixes as frequent as possible.

The projectFLY Focus Group are also proving to be a massive help to the team as they have been brainstorming some brilliant ideas for us to implement into the app.

We have made good progress since the last blog post, as explained below.


The projectFLY Contracts System has been a huge hit with our users. We received a massive amount of positive feedback from everyone and we are continuously aiming to improve it, adding more functionality and implementing new features.

You can now search for a specific contract by filtering the contracts list by airline, aircraft type, departure and arrival airfields.

We have added a ‘Communications Center’ so pilots and contractors can interact with each other. This was introduced to assist contractors who were having issues with pilots not flying the flights as quickly as they would like.

Another feature we have added is deadlines. Contractors can now set a deadline (e.g. 24 hours, 3 days, 1 week, etc.) for flights to be flown. As it stands, contractors are responsible for removing pilots from contracts, however, we do have plans to implement automatic removal of pilots should a deadline not be met.

projectFLY Radar

Rainfall Radar

In our most recent update (Beta Update 20 - v3.0.12), we have added rainfall to the projectFLY Radar. You can toggle the overlay on/off, change the opacity and also the colour scheme to suit your liking.

In one of our future updates, we will look at adding more weather-related information to the projectFLY Radar, so keep your eyes peeled!

Day/Night Radar Overlay

You now have the option to enable a day/night overlay on the projectFLY Radar. When on, this will display which areas of the world are currently in day and night.

Light Map Theme

Users have been crying out for this since we changed maps system from Google Maps to Mapfit. You now have the option to toggle between a dark and light map theme and we will be focusing on this more and more over the next few updates.

Flight Playback

This is a cool little feature that is a little overdue but has finally been added.

As of now, when you view your flights in your logbook, you will be able to play your flight back on an enhanced map that also lets you step through each stage of the flight. You will also be able to view additional information such as time, speed, heading, altitude, etc. at each position report.

X-Plane Plugin

If you are still experiencing connection issues or crashes between X-Plane and projectFLY, please ensure you have the latest X-Plane plugin installed by going to the Simulator Settings on the app and clicking ‘Reinstall’.

Minor Features
Other minor features that we have released are:

  • METARs are now shown when you click on an airport on the projectFLY Radar
  • Schedules icon added to the Stratus menu
  • Changelog details are now shown when app is ready to update
  • Dates added to achievements that have been unlocked
  • Scratchpad added to progress page so you can enter text such as ATC instructions, ATIS, etc.
  • Email notifications when support tickets have been responded to

MacOS & Linux Clients

We get asked about this on a daily basis and I can only tell you that things are moving forward with it. As soon as we can release the clients, trust me, we will.

As stated before, it is as frustrating for us as it is for you, but we do not want to release something that is not going to work out-the-box.

You can view all the projectFLY change logs here:


At this time, although development has begun, we're keeping anything Simstall related close to home until we're all in agreement that we've got enough to share.


I'll let these images speak for themselves - apparently, according to some, it doesn't even look like an A380 ;)







That concludes dev update #7 - If you have any questions/suggestions or would like to get in touch, we're available on all social media, using the comment section below or you can email [email protected]

Email: [email protected]

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