Dev update #6 - Contracts & Flight Sim 2018!

Dev update #6 - Contracts & Flight Sim 2018!

Please forgive me for lack of updates, we were working super hard & it took us a little while longer than anticipated to get to the point we're at now.

Myself and the team will be attending "Flight Sim 2018" @ RAF Cosford on Saturday 6th October. We have our own booth if you'd like to stop by and chat to us about, well, anything really. We're also hosting a presentation in the Auditorium from 11:45am in which we'll be talking about everything we're doing - It'll be my first time doing the whole public speaking thing so please go easy on me! :)



It’s been just over a month since our last dev update and we have made some significant progress on various things.

The team have been consistently working on bug fixes and further developing the projectFLY app towards full release whilst also focusing on POSCON, Simstall & the A380.


projectFLY now has a Focus Group which consists of volunteers from the community who have shown significant usage & support of projectFLY. Their role includes brainstorming ideas for potential features in future updates, feeding back any bugs/issues to the development team and also testing updates prior to public release to ensure the best experience for the end-user.

You will find members of the Focus Group over on the projectFLY Discord server and also in the projectFLY Community section on the app.


Since the last blog post, we’ve released two updates for the projectFLY app, Beta Update 16 (v3.0.7) and 17 (v3.0.8).

MacOS & Linux Clients

I can only apologise for the delay with this - we're tidying up a few last minute items then we'll ship it out. I understand your frustration, we're frustrated too - you'll have it soon™


Again, same as the MacOS & Linux client delay, the dispatcher is taking longer than we anticipated. We're still working on it internally and once we're in a position to give you an accurate estimate we will do. We have a deadline that we'd like to meet but we're keeping that under wraps until we're certain we can meet it.


One major update is the projectFLY X-Plane plugin.

The plugin was initially highly-experimental, so we decided to focus our efforts to improve its functionality. We were receiving numerous reports from users experiencing issues such as landing rates being registered during pushback and even whilst taxiing. One reason for this was due to X-Plane’s bumpy terrain in areas of the airport. Another reason was BetterPushback. projectFLY was being fooled into thinking the aircraft had lifted its nose for rotation and then landed when BetterPushback lifted and dropped the nose back on the ground.

The new plugin also fixes the majority of issues with tracking on X-Plane flights such as the flight phase being displayed as ‘Go Around’ instead of ‘En-route’.

If you haven’t already, go to the ‘Settings’ cog at the bottom left of the app, then ‘Simulator Settings’ and click “Reinstall Plugin” and it’ll install the latest version of the plugin. Ensure that X-Plane is not running whilst you update the plugin as it won’t install properly.

We’ll continue to focus on the various connection types within projectFLY and should you have any issues, don’t hesitate to submit a support ticket and one of the team will be happy to help you.

Introducing Contracts

Bringing us one step closer to full release of the projectFLY app is our latest update (Beta 17) which includes the new projectFLY Contracts System.

We wanted to increase the community aspect in projectFLY and also give the ability to share flights with friends and other users.

The projectFLY Contracts System gives users the ability to create contracts, enabling them to outsource their aircraft to another pilot based on a bidding system. When creating a contract, the user will select the departure and arrival airports, aircraft, flight number and callsign. They can also provide a brief description of the flight as well as payload information for other users to see prior to bidding on the contract.

Once a bid has been accepted, the winning bidder will then fly the aircraft from its departure and to its intended destination. The flight will be added to the aircraft’s logbook and the pilot flying will accumulate the hours for the flight.

Those are two of the main feature updates we have brought out in the past month. A combination of other new features and bug fixes from Beta 16 and 17 can be found in the changelog below:

  • Added ability to show different colours in the trail lines for flights above FL400
  • Added digitally signed executables for FSUIPC and SimConnect bridge
  • Added digitally signed plugin for X-Plane
  • Added notifications when flights are completed with a shared aircraft
  • Added privacy settings
  • Added the ability to remove yourself from a shared aircraft
  • Fixed anonymous user text on radar
  • Fixed being able to set flights as active while another is being tracked
  • Fixed DC10 showing as a C172 on radar
  • Fixed flights getting stuck at "Arrived at Stand", even if in the air
  • Fixed FSUIPC bridge not handling negative altitudes
  • Fixed FSUIPC bridge roll, pitch and g-force values not working
  • Fixed missing aircraft type and registration options on overlay settings
  • Fixed navigation bar not being sized correctly on web
  • Fixed overlay breaking occasionally due to a Spotify integration bug
  • Fixed SimConnect bridge being detected as the wrong bridge type
  • Fixed SimConnect bridge not handling negative altitudes
  • Fixed SimConnect bridge not handling negative g-force vaues
  • Fixed sorting on fleet treating uppercase characters different from lowercase
  • Fixed X-Plane plugin "On Ground" state being too sensitive
  • Fixed X-Plane plugin detecting landings when using Better Pushback
  • 'Back' button on user profiles added and redirects to the previous page you were on
  • Table of PF subscription features on Settings > Memberships & Payments
  • Settings > Memberships & Payments displays your current subscription plan (from v2 site upgrade)
  • Right sidebar shows your correct subscription type (Blue, Silver, Gold)
  • Support for in-app subscription purchases and list of previous orders - to be useable in next week’s update


At this time, although development has begun, we're keeping anything Simstall related close to home until we're all in agreement that we've got enough to share.


The A380 continues to be a part time development whilst we focus on projectFLY & Simstall. Keep an eye on future dev updates for any changes regarding this.




That concludes dev update #6 - If you have any questions/suggestions or would like to get in touch, we're available on all social media, using the comment section below or you can email [email protected]

Email: [email protected]

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